Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Defense (a 3 year old repeat in honor of repeat week )

 What are they doing to us ? Why do they deem it fit to take away the last of the public display of sexiness that still exists ?  Why can't they just leave well enough alone ?

There is not a adult male in the world that doesn't enjoy taking a peek at beauty. There is no one in his right mind that will not take a quick peek at a great pair of young sexy legs, or a great start of a wonderful tush, or anything about a sexy young lady.  We love it, and let's not kid ourselves.....Most females love being looked at  just as much.  It's not a bad thing and it certainly does not hurt anyone. In fact, I have to believe it makes for a better world, a more relaxed and comfortable environment.  So why the fuck are some people trying to ruin this ?
      Why are they insisting on taking away that little bit of skin along with that wonderful bikini view from us ? Isn't the world in enough of a turmoil without adding to it ?  Why are companies like Trendy Tops trying to ruin it for most normal, red blooded American men ?????
What is next ?  Will some company make pull down shades attached to the front of skirts and dresses for the sole purpose of getting out of a car or some such other act of movement ?
Is side boobs and the old side boob look also a thing of the past ?
Will another Un-American company come along and make a retractable awning to eliminate this wonderful view made popular by Hollywood ?  All these questions and no answers.

If you got it, flaunt it.. Nothing Un-American about a little honest advertising.

My own personal opinion is that we are being unduly attached by clothing companies trying to invoke a major cover up on things we like to look at and discuss, as well as things that just make our day just a little bit more bearable (note the pun).

      Please don't let this happen.  Let sexy women be sexy.


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