Thursday, September 8, 2016

Biggest Boob of the Week

Tonight I will break tradition. I have always started my blog with a picture. Usually something about the subject and usually something that will get you in the mood for the shit you are about to read. Tonight I am going to do something completely different.  I am simply going to ask a question that you think would have a simple answer, especially for all you red blooded World Wide Men that read CRaPUSA.............
        Below are four simple pictures. My easy question to each and everyone of you is this ?????  Who would you vote for in the American Boob of the Week Contest ??????   Would it be picture #1,2,3, or 4 ?  I will give you my answer after I am sure you have picked yours...NOW remember......No Fucking Cheating....

    Now that you have something to focus on, I will tell you my sad tale of woe and why I cast my vote for Comcast as the biggest boob of the week.
    Yesterday morning I called comcast (my cable company provider) because I did not get one channel on my TV in the kitchen where I was having breakfast. I usually watch Imus in the Morning during my morning coffee for a bit.  I tried everything else and naturally everything was working fine. I reset the cable box and still no success. So, I did what any red blooded person would do. I called the cable company who seems to always advertise as to how wonderful their service and customer agents are.. Naturally it takes forever to finally get to speak to a live tech ?    Not quite sure why they are called "Techs" ?????  Well, in his dull, dreary voice, he reads to me from his scripted manuscript how sorry to hear of my problem...First of all dickhead, it's your problem because it's all your equipment.  OK, so he tells me to do everything I have already done and blah blah blah....Finally he tells me that he can get a service tech (again with the fucking tech) out to me sometime today. (which was yesterday), but didn't know when.  I simply asked him if they could call my cell an hour before to give me a heads up and that I would make sure I was there....Naturally he said Of Course we will.....That was good, because it was 8 AM, and I was not staying in the house all day to wait for some jerk............I felt good about that........But then........Lights went off in my head.  I know Comcast has been upgrading more of their stations to HD, so I began a hunt for the same station in HD....Guess What ???????  I found it somewhere else....You would think some idiot at Comcast would have told me to try the new station ?????   Anyway it was there, worked perfect, and I was happy that Imus was now in HD.........I still wanted them to check out the station I wasn't getting because..........who knows..........Bottom 6PM, when I got home, my doorman advised me that I had just missed the Comcast tech, who did show up........But no phone call you asshole, and no follow up by Comcast.......So for this Mr. Comcast man I give you my Boob of the Week Award......Wear it well on one of your channels that do work and of course hopefully in HD.
       (This was originally posted on March 20,2012.  It's amazing how certain things seem to never
         change ????? blogs are coming...The shock treatment has done wonders for my
        brain. )


  1. you can see the nipple in picture1. right boob..

  2. the 1st 1 is my step mom

  3. wow they are so big!

  4. i will shuv my dic through girl in pictue 1 boobs and the inside her

  5. I like picture number one, they are huge

  6. yup pic 1# takes it all away.......

  7. I like the 1st picture. Those boobs r fucking huge.