Monday, October 14, 2019

Farewell my Friends

The party's over. It's time to call it a day.  Yup, the time has come. I have been writing CRapUSA for almost 10 years now.  What began as an alternative to watching porn, has developed into a fun filled adventure, spanning 216 countries around the world. Almost 2 million readers world-wide have been amused (I hope), and have enjoyed my cynicism, ridiculous, and pathetic viewpoint on almost everything.
During this period, I have poked fun at sex, politics, business's, drugs, genders, place's, people, things, and anything and everything else that I thought would piss people off. I enjoyed doing the research, finding the pictures, and of course seeing the wonderful reaction that was shown in the number of daily readers.(there was a period of nearly 6,000-13,000 daily readers per blog). There were tons of wonderful comments posted, along with many nasty ones.
I looked forward to finding new subjects that crossed the line. Why shouldn't I have fun as well.  It was a blast, and it cured my porn habit.
(that might or might not be true)
It also helped me take out my frustrations on politics, big business, retailers, manufacturers, restaurants, airplanes,...............oh get it...everything.

I will really miss the threesomes we shared, along with the other sexist, obnoxious,  racist, bullshit, annoying, exaggerated, lying, sad, happy, and even sometimes truthful posts. Unfortunately, blogs have been replaced by podcasts and political hatred, along with political correctness. Bottom line is............................
.............................there is no bottom line. Just no excitement in reading or writing a blog anymore. When things stop being fun, there is only one thing to do.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Holy Shit is on the way.

It's time. It will soon be the holiday season, and there is so much shit going on that I intend to share with you.

Trust me ?  It will be worth waiting for. (actually, I'm not really sure why you should trust me)

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sexy (But please, not sexist) 8 year old re-run and still holds true.

                                              What is Sexy ?????
Sexy is defined as: 
adj sexier, sexiest Informal
1. provoking or intended to provoke sexual interest a sexy dress a sexy book
2. feeling sexual interest; aroused
3. interesting, exciting, or trendy a sexy project a sexy new car
sexily  adv
sexiness  n
     OK. Now that we have that under our belt, lets discuss what most of us think is sexy.
Men have quite a different viewpoint on this. Women however think a nice dress or outfit is sexy. Most will get dressed for a date with a guy or their husband etc., and think they are dressed sexy in whatever they are wearing.  Chances are this is true, BUT......guys are looking at other stuff. Maybe it's because most guys are just plain animals.  Naturally that does not relate to me ???????

     Some guys think their wife is the sexiest person around. OK, so that is probably only 10% or so. The other 90 % are probably going to say the bartender or server at a cool restaurant or bar is.
But that is the wonderful thing about Choice......We all get to make up our rules. We all get to dictate what we think is best.  We all get to lie to our friends, partners, or whoever for the sake of our privacy.
     Find me one business person (guy), or guy flyer, who hasn't checked out some flight attendant and thought she was the sexiest thing in the world.
    Find me one guy who hasn't gone to a parents conference at their kids school who hasn't thought one teacher was really sexy.
    Find me one guy who hasn't looked at a wonderful smile and thought she was the sexiest person with the greatest smile.
     I rest my case.  Guys only care about girls when it comes to the word sexy  (actually, not all guys. )  ?????  We don't care about cars, books, clothing, or anything else.  We care about plain honest to goodness sex and what it does and what it means. I guess the bottom line is simple.
   Most guys are not going to consider this picture sexy.........This one is for you girls.....Payback is definitely a Bitch.  So what have we learned today ????

FYI. Any gender can be substituted for men, women, etc. in any of the above.. Big difference from 2011 to 2019.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Yum, Yum, Yummy, Yummy Jahn's etc.(orig. March 2014, part of re-run week)

Yum, Yum, Yummy aka Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor

Here is a blast from the past for all you New Yorkers. Yes, it's Jahn's Ice Cream.  I bet you already are thinking one or two things to yourself ?????  The Kitchen Sink, or the Awful Awful, or the Screwballs delight ????  Anyway to give you a little history of this great ice cream parlor that only made its own ice cream and was a destination for kids like myself who grew up in NY.  We would go there with 4/5 guys and try to finish one of the Kitchen Sinks.  Now the Kitchen Sink was a Little ice cream sundae with at least 30 scoops of ice cream, banana's, fruit, syrup, nuts,cherries, and who remembers what else.  I seem to remember that if you completely finished one, you would get another one for free.  Fat chance of ever finishing one, and if you did, who would want another one.  Besides, in those days we were all so thin, no-one even knew what the word FAT was.... I really don't remember what was in some of the other specials, but they were all great.

     Jahn's was in Richmond Hill, Queens, which was not too far from Jamaica. It also had a nickelodeon inside which was also quite old.  From research it was opened in the 1930's and the last one closed in 2007.  The one in Richmond Hill was the most famous and the one we always went too. Although I have to admit that once we learned what girls were, we went to the one in Forest Hills. It was larger and had more girls there. What can I tell you, I probably was shallow then as well. During the mid 1950's, I understand there were several opened throughout NY, but who knows ?   In it's heyday the place was always mobbed.  It was next door to a big RKO Kieth's movie  .INFO on Jahn's    Back in the day, a date was considered going to a movie and then either to a diner or ice cream place... Hey, I am only transposing what I have read.  ( I was much too busy playing ball and trying to get laid.  What did I know ? )  This link really gives the history of Mr. Jahn, and all the close to accurate information about this NY landmark.  Of course like the RKO Keith's movie which is also gone, it's a thing of the past never to return.
     This is a sad picture of the Kieth's in Flushing that is now being made into Condos after years of neglect along with a later Jahn's next door.  I would think these pictures are from the 70's, because the movie had already been closed.

       There is really no meaning to this blog other than a little trip down memory lane for those of you that remember this.  For you others............this was just some of the great things that Made NY that are once again no longer there..........Growing up as a kid, I remember lots of ice cream places like Krum's in the Bronx, Addie Valens,, . Then there was the bungalow bar ice cream trucks that came to your street daily.... A single single cone was 5 cents, a double 10 cents.  ( I looked that up ).  Now I am really getting nostalgic and am thinking about Horn and Hardart Automat........But That is for another trip down memory lane.........Guess even I can't be full of CRaP daily.  But don't despair.  Tomorrow I will be back bitching in full force.