Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dumb Ass Defined

 Rated high on the dumb ass list are people who leave shopping carts in the middle of nowhere.  Don't you want to simply take a cart and ram it into the side of their fucking car while laughing ? I have found that it's usually some almost old woman doing this.  Funny how it's not a man thing to leave them lying around.

Speaking of cars....What about assholes that are always eating, or drinking while driving ?  Or better yet.   What about texting, although that is a different subject altogether.. But alas !!!!! The art of having sex while driving.  That's probably the worst. Actually, it wouldn't be the worst if it were me doing it . Ha ha

Another group high on the list. Assholes not picking up after their dogs.  That's really not a problem until you step in some poop..Then it becomes a serious and disgusting problem.
Holding the door open for another person. Whatever happened to the good old days when someone would hold the door open for you and vice versa ?  Why is this world full of selfish assholes who only think of themselves ?  I guess I'm too old school. I was taught to always hold a door open for whoever was behind you..Who would have thought that would be a thing long gone as well ?

 Oh. Did I neglect to mention the assholes who never bother to say "Thank You" ?
People are really dumb for the most part.  This morning, while driving to the gym, I heard this commercial for a sheet company.  It seemed pretty legit as it was on one of the news stations and it advertised the following.  Sheet sets that were originally $1,000.00 now on sale for one hundred and something.  I don't really remember the exact price.

I do, however know something.. One has to be completely stupid to actually believe you can buy something with a legitimate price of over one thousand dollars , for only one hundred and something.  This is merely one example of the dumb ass commercials that some manufactures expect us to believe.  It's really sad. But what is worse, is the fact there will always be dumb ass's to buy them.

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