Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bail Out or Hang Out

I am a New Yorker thru and thru.  I always was and always will be, even though I no longer live there.  I grew up with cabs all around me.  It's no secret and nothing more than any other real New Yorker will say.  Living in any metropolitan city is probably the same. As a kid if you didn't take the train, you took a taxi.  As an adult working in New York City you did the same.  Hailing a cab was and continues to be a trait only mastered by New Yorker's .   You learn early on where to stand and how to hail a cab.
You know the In's and outs. You know where to stand. You know how to read other people trying to hail a cab, and you take no prisoners. Your prepared to fight for the cab you want, and only hope the smell of urine in the cab your about to hail is not overpowering.  You sit in this semi dirty cab listening to some foreign driver yakking constantly on his cell phone. You wonder why you didn't get a uber or lyft, but realize this would be faster... Ha Ha.
If you grew up in NY, you remember when driving a yellow cab was a good profession, with good safe drivers, and big comfortable cabs.  You remember that drivers were business people as well, making money on buying and selling the medallion.
They were an honest group of people. They worked hard and like all business's , sometimes you make money and sometimes you lose money. That is the American Way.  Nothing has changed.  It's called capitalism and it's wonderful and it works. But alas.....It hasn't worked for all cab drivers, especially with the advent of Uber and Lyft.
So , Alas !!!!!!  Some drivers have been losing money when they go to sell their medallions. I'm not quite sure where it says they must make a profit. It's business, it's like the stock market, it's reality....You don't always make a profit.  Now, it appears several drivers have hanged themselves after losing money, and, (are you ready for this ?)  They want the government to bail them out.  What the Fuck is wrong with this country ?  They made their choice. No one guaranteed them a profit
I don't understand this at all. But it certainly would be wonderful for everyone to go into their own business and make money. And if worse comes to worse, and you wind up losing money, simply go to the government and tell them how much you lost and they will reimburse you....God Bless America..

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