Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Special Fuck You

It is so easy to write about things that piss me off on a daily basis, or anything connected with sex. That usually gets lots of readers and gets the adrenalin going.  Looking at boobs, or porn, or some of the old shit that I have written about in the past certainly confirms this. Today however, I am going to perform a public service for those of you who are tired of getting ripped off.
Most of us (hopefully) have prescription insurance and go to the local drug store to have them filled, without even giving it a second thought. (who am I kidding about a local pharmacy ? There are virtually none left as they all have been replaced by gigantic chains like CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, etc. )  OK...so we drop off the Rx, or its faxed from the doctor or some other electronic means.  We pick it up and walk out of the store looking at that paper receipt that is attached to the RX, giving us the price...We are happy..We see a $5.00,$6.00, $10.00 or whatever our Copay is and think nothing of it.
Well, today I looked much closer at it. I got home and looked again at the $30 copay (3 month supply ) for a drug called Tamsulosin  0.4 capsules, which is generic for Flomax. Not a problem until I looked closer at the explanation where the insurance company happily had printed the following.  "Your insurance saved you $597.79"  Anyone in their right mind will realize this is bullshit.   However, this amount is used to go towards your yearly limit, which when exceeded will drastically raise the cost of the drug.
Now for the part that will really piss you off, hopefully as much as it did me.  There are many sites online the allow you to print coupons for the drugs that you use and list the store name with it.  Good RX, is simply one that i have used in the past and checked that. Below is an actual list of the cost of this drug without a plan or anything else involved.
Costco   $13.72
Walmart $25.39
CVS $44.02
There is also a coupon to print for an option to get this at a local pharmacy which is $24.82
The above is 100% honest and truthful. It is for the same exact drug that I pickup up today. No and, if, or but.   This shows me how broken the health insurance system is. (like we didn't already know that . )
Bottom line is plain and simple. Fuck you United Health Care and all the other insurance companies that are busy fucking us every single day. But even more significant is the fact that we no longer need to indulge in sex to get fucked. Now we need to decide if that is a good or bad thing ?

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