Thursday, November 15, 2018

Easy Opening

Why are certain things impossible to open ? Of course right now your putting your mind to work and thinking some nasty thoughts or two. It just seems that everything is more difficult these days.
OK. I'll get to the point. Plastic packaging. We have all experienced it. All of us have gotten pissed and frustrated more than once trying to open some simple packaged item we just purchased. Ha.Ha.  That's for the word "simple". I don't know about you, but I have nearly killed myself trying to open a simple package of printer inc cartridges. 
I nearly screamed trying to open one of the above.  How the fuck do they possibly get that hard plastic to fit so perfectly and make it nearly impossible to open ? But the bigger question is, Why is it necessary to have this kind of packaging ? There are cameras and security people everywhere and also little chips that will ring loud as hell if you walk out of a store without paying for an item that has one on it.
  Why are we almost forced to resort to shit similar to the above just to open something we just purchased ?  I really don't have a clear cut answer for that.
Plastic coverings should be simpler and easier to open. This is a problem that should be taken more seriously. Why isn't some idiot congressman introducing a bill to make it easier to open packages, and greatly reduce the use of unwanted and unneeded plastic ?
It just seems that life is not fair.  Just wanted to share this little pet peeve of mine with you.


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