Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Texting, Sexting and Rock and Roll

Let's face it ! Your just as fucking guilty as I am of texting while driving or sexting someone normally.  Naturally your not going to admit it, but who really gives a shit. Sexting however, is a wonderful thing that I wish was possible when I was younger. Shit, we had to take a picture of someone, finish the roll of film, take it to the drugstore, wait a week to ten days for it to come back, make a trip back to the drugstore to finally pickup the finished pictures, only to then see that half of them were blurry or didn't come out at all.  But all was in vain, because during that period we probably broke up with that guy or girl and no longer cared anyway. Oh how times have changed.
Sexting is not a bad thing after all. Just think how we have come to accept instant gratification and fulfilling our dreams and wishes and thoughts immediately. Shit, you no longer have to be in the same state, or country to accomplish this wonderful feat.

But let's face it.  It can get a little strange or uncomfortable. It can also be fun and satisfying.  It can also become annoying, which is probably what would bother me the most.

We also live in a world of constant texting.  It doesn't matter where or when. Half the idiots partaking in this act have no clue where they are walking or what they are doing at that time.  This is what scares me, as I have become pretty practical these days and will not text and drive under any circumstances.  I didn't always adhere to this rule, but do now 100%.  You should also.

The younger generation will have absolutely no idea what i have just been talking about.  They will go along looking at their smart phone while being completely oblivious of what is going on around them.
Sometimes, however, even the obvious gets to be a little ridiculous. I seem to remember a time when you looked at the person you were having sex with ? Now I know where the expression "Good Old Days" comes from.

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