Sunday, September 14, 2014

Real, Live, Current Boobs are Here (orig posted Oct 2013)

Visit to learn more!       Here is the biggest Boob I can think of. The USA debt. Wow, only 16 trillion and counting.....Need I say more ?
The above are just a few things that can be bought with this debt.....Fuck, don't you just want to scream ?       (FYI...This was originally posted one year and one trillion fewer dollars ago )

As long as I am busy bitching about money, why not mention the 46 million people in the USA currently receiving food stamps.  Holy Shit, that is also ridiculous.
I keep looking at that 46 million figure and can't even begin to say something about it. It is just too Pathetic to comment about..... I can certainly understand help for certain individuals, but cannot believe those many people should be getting food stamps.....IDK, maybe it's just me ?
Oh yes, oh wonderful FBI.  Seems as though one of your computers was hacked with about 12 million peoples information from their IPhone and IPads.    Only a small amount .....Ha Ha.....Does this shit ever stop ?
Is anything secure anymore ? Can we trust our information to anyone ?  You can't open a $8.00 package of Suntan lotion from Costco without a bunch of tools to manage to get that fucking plastic open. But first you have to show your receipt to the guard upon leaving the store.  Costco and all other wholesale clubs are capable of keeping things secure.  Why is it the FBI and Federal Government and Some Banks can't do the same ? was just the labor day weekend and there were lots of BBQ's going on all over the place.  It's a wonderful thing and it's great for all.  Even some of the police in NYC managed to have and enjoy a nice friendly get together to do some BB'Qing.  Why not....They deserve it and should be allowed to have fun as well.
         Oh, wait a minute......Some really bright cops decided to do it right on the roof of Police headquarters in Manhattan.  In Broad Daylight no less.  And yes, it is illegal to BBQ in buildings in NY.....Why didn't they just take their food stamps and buy something at the local store ?
It's a question of priorities.....Does anyone know what is right anymore ?
      Bottom line is.........There are Boobs like above that we can laugh at........And.......There are Boobs like below that we can enjoy.......Your choice...

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             Orig Published Sept 2012.....but the boobs are very, very current...


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