Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 We have lost. We have completely lost our identity as people. We are merely a bunch of fucking clowns that are expected to do the work of trained monkeys.  We no longer have a thing to say about fast foods, other than to clean up after ourselves before we leave.
I don't know about you, but I am not a big fan of fast foods.  I don't like going to one, I don't like eating in one, and I don't really like anything about them. That is not to say I haven't been there, or don't go to some on occasions.  I will have coffee in Dunkin Donuts and maybe that is where I draw the line.
For the most part, I completely hate the fact of trying to find a table that is clean. I know that some of the fast food stores are clean, and some are a real pleasure to go in. Naturally, I am not talking about these, but am referring to the ones that are dirty, smelly, and have people behind the counter that have never heard of the English language.
     This morning I went into a nice , clean Dunkin Donuts near my gym for some coffee and a bagel. It was clean and there was only one person in front of me. Right...No Problem......Wrong......This nice young man from some country that I never heard of, that spoke almost NO English, asked me what I would like. I simply said a plain toasted bagel with cream cheese, and a medium coffee with a little milk and sweet and low......In my mind this was a no brainer and I thought a one, two , three thing..............No Fucking Way......Three different time this asshole asked me what kind of bagel I wanted and what I wanted on it. Three different times I told him the same thing.  He then looked at the sign above him and then turned to me and asked me what I wanted.  Finally, someone else came out and took my order and sent this guy to the back.....One would think they would train the staff prior to taking an order..

That wasn't even a big deal.  That also goes to show you that I must have really been in a good mood this morning.  What piss's the hell out of me is the fact that we are expected to find a table and clean it before we sit down....It is rare that a table is clean.

But that is not even the half of it.  We.....(You and Me) are expected to take our trays and neatly put them on top of the stupid trash bin, after we have neatly tossed our trash in the bin....We are also expected to clean off the table before we leave...There are signs all around for us to do this....
       There is also one other minor, little, insignificant, tiny, misc. thing that I have omitted.  That little tip jar next to the register.  Do they really expect me to leave a tip when I am really doing all the work ?  Am I supposed to tip someone for punching a few things in the computer and then having to pick this up somewhere else ?   Well, Fuck You Mr or Mrs Fast Food Person........
       The next time you get a tip from me will be when I get to sit at a clean table, and you clean up after I am finished. Until then...............................................well, you get the picture.
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