Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Racism, Illegal Immigrants, and Rape

We are fucked !  We are doomed ! We are divided ! We are confused ! We are not safe ! We are stupid ! We are afraid to act !  We are going down a road that has no end, no beginning, and of course no middle.  So, if it sounds like I think the world is coming to an end in the next few seconds ? I'm really not.  I am convinced we have a couple of months before this all happens.
I can't believe that we can't turn on the news, read a newspaper (do they still really exist ? ) or check our smart phones for the latest disaster of the hour ?   Hollywood is fucked up. (but hasn't Hollywood always been fucked up along with all those phony assholes that control the business ? )  I don't know about you, but I have grown up listening and reading about how all the big wigs of Hollywood know everything, and how their opinions are gospel.  Wow, how unique ?  How amazing that I never had a friend that ever believed any of that bullshit, but we all always wondered why they think their opinions are god almighty ?
I always knew they were bullshit, but never really cared about their standing on a pedestal and preaching. I kinda thought it was funny in itself.  After all, opinions are like assholes, in that everyone has one.  I guess now Harvey Weinstein is about to change all that by himself.  Way to go asshole. ( Although this whole casting couch thing has been going on forever in every industry where powerful people are on the top.  Not good )
Borders and Illegal immigration is another crazy  topic.  Guaranteed you can't talk to one of your friends without having some sort of an argument one way or another.  Everything is deeper and more involved than it appears.  I have my opinions but I keep them to myself for the most part.  What I don't understand is the name itself says "Illegal". 

Maybe I just don't understand the whole thing. Is Illegal murder not really illegal ?  
Be careful what you say.  If your having a political discussion with someone and you happen to say something they don't like, you are going to be called a Racist !  Racism is terrible. Racism is horrible. Racism is something that has been going on in our country forever.  It sucks, it shouldn't happen.  Lots of things shouldn't happen.
People are nuts. People are evil. People are stupid. People are dangerous. The only good news is that people have always been this way and always will.  The better news is that not all people are insane.  If you look hard, you will find some really good people out there.
Whew.........we lucked out.
But alas......Don't fret.......as long as you look like this and have ten million dollars in the bank, you need not worry........Only in the USA.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Let's face it. Boobs make for good reading.  I have written some pretty good blogs over these past 5 or so years (even if I say so myself) about various subjects. Some have been very progressive, cutting edge, interesting, and all those other words that describe goodness.  But, and I mean But, all I need to do is write anything about sex, drugs, or rock and roll and Boom.........Thousands of readers in a second.
So what does that mean ? Simple.  We live in a really fucked up world where sex comes first, second, and third.  That's the truth.  After all, what is the biggest selling item on-line ?   Right.....sex....sex....and more sex.

So why fight it.. I am caving.  I am going back to getting racy and whatever else you want to call it.  I'm sure you need a break from all the daily bullshit that goes on in Facebook or Twitter or any social media about politics.  The shit that goes on there has made me completely crazy.  People won't compromise. People won't listen to any other opinions other than his or hers.  I am fucking sick of it.
It's OK for you to have a favorite football team and discuss that with your friends. It's OK for you to have a favorite TV show that you can discuss with your friends.  But try to discuss left wing , or right wing policies or ideas......Holy Shit.....
But Boobs !!!!! You can have a conversation with friends all day long about front boobs, big boobs, little boobs, side boobs, fake boobs, or whatever......And guess what ?     No fighting, No arguments, no feelings getting hurt.  Why can't that same thing happen in politics ?   

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Back to Business

Time to get back to basics. Time to realize how really fucked up this world is.  Nah, that's not true. The world is fine, it's only the people in it that are really fucked up.
Lets be fair.  Life is really one big fat Seesaw ! Growing up, I thought life was pretty simple. We played on a seesaw and realized that either you were up, or you were down. (Unless of course, the girl below was on the other side. If that was the case, you were fucked in the air. )  It's that simple. You went up, or you went down.  You actually did them both.  Sure, we tried to stay level and not go anywhere, but lets face it. That never worked and it certainly doesn't in this world either.
Sometimes is just too hard to balance life and do what we want. I was actually writing pretty often, and then hardly writing.  Balancing my life has certainly been a seesaw effect as well.  I'm ready now to go all in.  Fuck being politically correct. Fuck not giving my opinion. Fuck worrying about hurting any one's feelings.  Be careful now when reading my next blog (or life's lesson as I like to call it) as the sexual, emotional, hypocrisy, cynicism is just beginning.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bye Bye Forever

Goodbye Circus

Wave goodbye. Say goodbye. Remember the past. Think of all the good memories. Close your eyes and just do a little back peddling.  OK, just pretend you have short term memory loss and only remember the good old days ! Yup, they are going,        goingand soon will all be gone.  You are completely fucked if you start thinking or remembering the Good Old Days.
Were you ever a kid ?  Of course that is a stupid question.  Did you ever go to the circus ?  Of course that is another stupid question. Do you miss seeing the Elephants ? Of course you do.  If your a New Yorker, or ever visited New York, you obviously saw or rode in a horse and buggy around Central Park.. Well, hopefully you will get to see that one day, unless of course those stupid fucking environmentalists that are claiming cruelty to horses and want to end that as well.  Fuck all this crap already.  Lets keep some of the good old days. How much of this can we take????
We miss you
Try to get a decent pastrami sandwich in NY anymore.  Even the famed Carnegie Deli is gone.  I better finish this faster before something else I love is gone.


Try to go shopping in some of those wonderful department stores we grew up with. I dare you to go to Marshall Fields, Or Filenes basement, and some of the other Giants who are now gone.

How about buying a good book, or some tapes, or VCR's, or Cd's or something else like this ?  Go lounge around Tower Records, or walk into Borders ?   Oh wait.....they are gone as well.
So lets just go to some of the great sports stores. Herman's, Sports Authority and so on......It just doesn't end.
Howard Johnson's hotels and restaurants are familiar to all of us baby boomers.  Who didn't look forward to stopping there for some food ?  What about the Catskill mountains in upstate New York ?  100 % of the hundreds of hotels and bungalow colonies are completely gone. Aww....gotta watch "Dirty Dancing" again.

Hello Dolly
Things go, vanish, disappear, leave, and never ever will return.  BUT.....Thank Goodness for Strip Clubs. They come, they go, they come back, and they stay.  Guess we finally caught a break.