Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bail Out or Hang Out

I am a New Yorker thru and thru.  I always was and always will be, even though I no longer live there.  I grew up with cabs all around me.  It's no secret and nothing more than any other real New Yorker will say.  Living in any metropolitan city is probably the same. As a kid if you didn't take the train, you took a taxi.  As an adult working in New York City you did the same.  Hailing a cab was and continues to be a trait only mastered by New Yorker's .   You learn early on where to stand and how to hail a cab.
You know the In's and outs. You know where to stand. You know how to read other people trying to hail a cab, and you take no prisoners. Your prepared to fight for the cab you want, and only hope the smell of urine in the cab your about to hail is not overpowering.  You sit in this semi dirty cab listening to some foreign driver yakking constantly on his cell phone. You wonder why you didn't get a uber or lyft, but realize this would be faster... Ha Ha.
If you grew up in NY, you remember when driving a yellow cab was a good profession, with good safe drivers, and big comfortable cabs.  You remember that drivers were business people as well, making money on buying and selling the medallion.
They were an honest group of people. They worked hard and like all business's , sometimes you make money and sometimes you lose money. That is the American Way.  Nothing has changed.  It's called capitalism and it's wonderful and it works. But alas.....It hasn't worked for all cab drivers, especially with the advent of Uber and Lyft.
So , Alas !!!!!!  Some drivers have been losing money when they go to sell their medallions. I'm not quite sure where it says they must make a profit. It's business, it's like the stock market, it's reality....You don't always make a profit.  Now, it appears several drivers have hanged themselves after losing money, and, (are you ready for this ?)  They want the government to bail them out.  What the Fuck is wrong with this country ?  They made their choice. No one guaranteed them a profit
I don't understand this at all. But it certainly would be wonderful for everyone to go into their own business and make money. And if worse comes to worse, and you wind up losing money, simply go to the government and tell them how much you lost and they will reimburse you....God Bless America..

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Special Fuck You

It is so easy to write about things that piss me off on a daily basis, or anything connected with sex. That usually gets lots of readers and gets the adrenalin going.  Looking at boobs, or porn, or some of the old shit that I have written about in the past certainly confirms this. Today however, I am going to perform a public service for those of you who are tired of getting ripped off.
Most of us (hopefully) have prescription insurance and go to the local drug store to have them filled, without even giving it a second thought. (who am I kidding about a local pharmacy ? There are virtually none left as they all have been replaced by gigantic chains like CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, etc. ) we drop off the Rx, or its faxed from the doctor or some other electronic means.  We pick it up and walk out of the store looking at that paper receipt that is attached to the RX, giving us the price...We are happy..We see a $5.00,$6.00, $10.00 or whatever our Copay is and think nothing of it.
Well, today I looked much closer at it. I got home and looked again at the $30 copay (3 month supply ) for a drug called Tamsulosin  0.4 capsules, which is generic for Flomax. Not a problem until I looked closer at the explanation where the insurance company happily had printed the following.  "Your insurance saved you $597.79"  Anyone in their right mind will realize this is bullshit.   However, this amount is used to go towards your yearly limit, which when exceeded will drastically raise the cost of the drug.
Now for the part that will really piss you off, hopefully as much as it did me.  There are many sites online the allow you to print coupons for the drugs that you use and list the store name with it.  Good RX, is simply one that i have used in the past and checked that. Below is an actual list of the cost of this drug without a plan or anything else involved.
Costco   $13.72
Walmart $25.39
CVS $44.02
There is also a coupon to print for an option to get this at a local pharmacy which is $24.82
The above is 100% honest and truthful. It is for the same exact drug that I pickup up today. No and, if, or but.   This shows me how broken the health insurance system is. (like we didn't already know that . )
Bottom line is plain and simple. Fuck you United Health Care and all the other insurance companies that are busy fucking us every single day. But even more significant is the fact that we no longer need to indulge in sex to get fucked. Now we need to decide if that is a good or bad thing ?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Easy Opening

Why are certain things impossible to open ? Of course right now your putting your mind to work and thinking some nasty thoughts or two. It just seems that everything is more difficult these days.
OK. I'll get to the point. Plastic packaging. We have all experienced it. All of us have gotten pissed and frustrated more than once trying to open some simple packaged item we just purchased. Ha.Ha.  That's for the word "simple". I don't know about you, but I have nearly killed myself trying to open a simple package of printer inc cartridges. 
I nearly screamed trying to open one of the above.  How the fuck do they possibly get that hard plastic to fit so perfectly and make it nearly impossible to open ? But the bigger question is, Why is it necessary to have this kind of packaging ? There are cameras and security people everywhere and also little chips that will ring loud as hell if you walk out of a store without paying for an item that has one on it.
  Why are we almost forced to resort to shit similar to the above just to open something we just purchased ?  I really don't have a clear cut answer for that.
Plastic coverings should be simpler and easier to open. This is a problem that should be taken more seriously. Why isn't some idiot congressman introducing a bill to make it easier to open packages, and greatly reduce the use of unwanted and unneeded plastic ?
It just seems that life is not fair.  Just wanted to share this little pet peeve of mine with you.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Texting, Sexting and Rock and Roll

Let's face it ! Your just as fucking guilty as I am of texting while driving or sexting someone normally.  Naturally your not going to admit it, but who really gives a shit. Sexting however, is a wonderful thing that I wish was possible when I was younger. Shit, we had to take a picture of someone, finish the roll of film, take it to the drugstore, wait a week to ten days for it to come back, make a trip back to the drugstore to finally pickup the finished pictures, only to then see that half of them were blurry or didn't come out at all.  But all was in vain, because during that period we probably broke up with that guy or girl and no longer cared anyway. Oh how times have changed.
Sexting is not a bad thing after all. Just think how we have come to accept instant gratification and fulfilling our dreams and wishes and thoughts immediately. Shit, you no longer have to be in the same state, or country to accomplish this wonderful feat.

But let's face it.  It can get a little strange or uncomfortable. It can also be fun and satisfying.  It can also become annoying, which is probably what would bother me the most.

We also live in a world of constant texting.  It doesn't matter where or when. Half the idiots partaking in this act have no clue where they are walking or what they are doing at that time.  This is what scares me, as I have become pretty practical these days and will not text and drive under any circumstances.  I didn't always adhere to this rule, but do now 100%.  You should also.

The younger generation will have absolutely no idea what i have just been talking about.  They will go along looking at their smart phone while being completely oblivious of what is going on around them.
Sometimes, however, even the obvious gets to be a little ridiculous. I seem to remember a time when you looked at the person you were having sex with ? Now I know where the expression "Good Old Days" comes from.