Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Texting, Sexting and Rock and Roll

Let's face it ! Your just as fucking guilty as I am of texting while driving or sexting someone normally.  Naturally your not going to admit it, but who really gives a shit. Sexting however, is a wonderful thing that I wish was possible when I was younger. Shit, we had to take a picture of someone, finish the roll of film, take it to the drugstore, wait a week to ten days for it to come back, make a trip back to the drugstore to finally pickup the finished pictures, only to then see that half of them were blurry or didn't come out at all.  But all was in vain, because during that period we probably broke up with that guy or girl and no longer cared anyway. Oh how times have changed.
Sexting is not a bad thing after all. Just think how we have come to accept instant gratification and fulfilling our dreams and wishes and thoughts immediately. Shit, you no longer have to be in the same state, or country to accomplish this wonderful feat.

But let's face it.  It can get a little strange or uncomfortable. It can also be fun and satisfying.  It can also become annoying, which is probably what would bother me the most.

We also live in a world of constant texting.  It doesn't matter where or when. Half the idiots partaking in this act have no clue where they are walking or what they are doing at that time.  This is what scares me, as I have become pretty practical these days and will not text and drive under any circumstances.  I didn't always adhere to this rule, but do now 100%.  You should also.

The younger generation will have absolutely no idea what i have just been talking about.  They will go along looking at their smart phone while being completely oblivious of what is going on around them.
Sometimes, however, even the obvious gets to be a little ridiculous. I seem to remember a time when you looked at the person you were having sex with ? Now I know where the expression "Good Old Days" comes from.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Plastic Sucks

Plastic is everywhere. Plastic is part of everything we touch on a daily basis. Probably the only thing we don't do with or to plastic, is eat it.  But, at the rate
plastic is multiplying, we probably will shortly.  I don't know about you, but there are things about plastic I despise.  First of all.  That fucking bullshit plastic tax we pay in the supermarket to buy a bag ?  Shit, Here in the fucked up Sanctuary State of California, we pay 10 cents per bag.  Of course, you can just balance your groceries on your head and save that 10 cents per bag ransom.  It's the stupidest thing I have ever seen. People seem to be walking out of markets with all their food items in the cart to avoid paying that fee, or because the dumb shits left their own bags in the car.  In any event, supermarket parking lots seem to resemble third world countries with all this shit in the carts.  Supermarkets are the only ones benefiting from this. They no longer have to buy bags that used to be free to their customers.
Lets face it however, plastic certainly has a place in our society. It seems to be the perfect match for all that medication some of us take as we get older.  I sometimes wonder (for a change), why isn't there a ten cent tax per plastic bottle in the state of California ?  ( after all, California has the largest number of homeless in the country, the highest level of welfare and free stuff for the homeless, and I could go on and on. ).  I lost track a little here because this plastic horror seems to be clouding my mind.

We drink more water than anything in this country. I am certainly for recycling and the whole process, however, I have one problem..Why the hell should the recycling fee be the same for a 8 oz bottle of water as it is for a 48 oz bottle of water ?  I completely do not understand that.  

But now for my favorite. Just think of all those wonderful products we buy that are packaged in plastic.  I say think about it for one simple reason.  Why the Fuck are they all so impossible to open ?  Why do we have to use a chisel and a hammer half the time to open them ?  Why can't the plastic just be cut with an ordinary pair of scissors ?  I'll tell you why. Because these products are all made in countries we can't pronounce and those little fuckers on the assembly line are fucking with us. Has to be.

There are some rare occasions when plastic is a wonderful, healthy, pleasant, pretty, useful, and fantastic experience. Unfortunately, that is when it is followed by the word surgery.  I rest my case.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Boobs have returned to protest.

I really hate politics. I really hate politicians more. I really cannot stand protests. I really don't trust any politicians. I really enjoy and have more fun reading about these assholes saying one thing and doing another.  Don't get me wrong  ! I love our country and think there always were and will be major things that can and will go wrong. Maybe it just can't be fixed ?
Wait.....maybe it's not the politicians after all?  Maybe it's simply the people.  Oh, did I mention that I really hate people ? I really cannot stand people. I really don't trust people. I really enjoy and have more fun reading about people and the stupid things they say and do.
You know you agree with much of what I say. Simply look at every single protest. What is really being protested ?  Who is supporting these protests ? What is the ultimate result of these protests ? Who is paying and getting something back in return for these protests ?

Will protesting ever stop ? Actually, the question should be, Should protesting ever stop ?  I am sort of live and let live type of person. Don't hurt me, and I won't hurt you. Protests will always be. They always have and they always will. We are a country that can't agree on anything. (wait a minute).  We are people. People cannot or will not ever agree on everything.

It's really simple. There is never just one viewpoint.  There is not one sports team, one entertainment venue, one city, one food, one religion....OK, I can go on and on, but you get it.  We are different. You , me and everyone.  I am so tired of listening to left wingers, Trump haters, Nancy Pelosi,  Chuck Schumer,  conservatives, NRA supporters, Anti-gun supporters, Trumps Tweets, and everything else connected with politics.

Why can't we all get along and play nice ?