Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Let's face it. Boobs make for good reading.  I have written some pretty good blogs over these past 5 or so years (even if I say so myself) about various subjects. Some have been very progressive, cutting edge, interesting, and all those other words that describe goodness.  But, and I mean But, all I need to do is write anything about sex, drugs, or rock and roll and Boom.........Thousands of readers in a second.
So what does that mean ? Simple.  We live in a really fucked up world where sex comes first, second, and third.  That's the truth.  After all, what is the biggest selling item on-line ?   Right.....sex....sex....and more sex.

So why fight it.. I am caving.  I am going back to getting racy and whatever else you want to call it.  I'm sure you need a break from all the daily bullshit that goes on in Facebook or Twitter or any social media about politics.  The shit that goes on there has made me completely crazy.  People won't compromise. People won't listen to any other opinions other than his or hers.  I am fucking sick of it.
It's OK for you to have a favorite football team and discuss that with your friends. It's OK for you to have a favorite TV show that you can discuss with your friends.  But try to discuss left wing , or right wing policies or ideas......Holy Shit.....
But Boobs !!!!! You can have a conversation with friends all day long about front boobs, big boobs, little boobs, side boobs, fake boobs, or whatever......And guess what ?     No fighting, No arguments, no feelings getting hurt.  Why can't that same thing happen in politics ?   

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