Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Where do we begin ?  Where do we end ?  Who is a Racist ?  Why is everything so questionable ?  Why don't we take the time to think about some of these things, as opposed to listening to every single group that will oppose anything ?  I grew up in New York City where I went to school with every race, every religion, every type of person that I never knew existed.

I had black friends, Asian friends, Spanish friends, etc., although back then we didn't call anyone that.  We referred to each other as spics, niggers, wasps, kikes, chinks, goons, guinea, slanty eyes, four eyes, lefty, pimple face, fat boy, along with a million other names.  This was done not out of hate, not out of disrespect, not to be mean, but only we all had nicknames and that was the way it was.  I was about 10 thru my teenage years that I was part of this. We only did this and said this to friends, which in those days was very plentiful.  After all, growing up in NY, there were kids everywhere.
Then it happened. We grew up, went into the military, went to college, and sort of disbanded and moved to other areas.  And then it stopped.  The language and the maturing and the times seemed to have changed all of us.  We knew that we had become grownups and all that fun stuff was behind us.  But now its all changed and expanded.

Celebrities are being accused of rape, and being sexist. Racism is rampart and getting worse daily. People no longer give a shit about each other.  As a kid, when we were in a fight (which was pretty often) it was over as fast as it started.  We would simple say I give up and that was it.  We would shake hands and were friends again.  Not today..Today you give up and get your gun and shoot the other person.  Athletes are involved in Rape, Racist remarks, and accused of being sexist if you make a wrong remark.
I'm sick of all this shit.  I'm sick of protesters , protesting over everything and causing most of the problems. I'm sick of name calling. I'm sick of bullying. I'm sick of people getting accused of being a rapist for simply making an off beat joke in the office.
Isn't it time we stopped all this crap and begin to worry and be concerned about the important things in life ?

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