Thursday, June 8, 2017

Back to Business

Time to get back to basics. Time to realize how really fucked up this world is.  Nah, that's not true. The world is fine, it's only the people in it that are really fucked up.
Lets be fair.  Life is really one big fat Seesaw ! Growing up, I thought life was pretty simple. We played on a seesaw and realized that either you were up, or you were down. (Unless of course, the girl below was on the other side. If that was the case, you were fucked in the air. )  It's that simple. You went up, or you went down.  You actually did them both.  Sure, we tried to stay level and not go anywhere, but lets face it. That never worked and it certainly doesn't in this world either.
Sometimes is just too hard to balance life and do what we want. I was actually writing pretty often, and then hardly writing.  Balancing my life has certainly been a seesaw effect as well.  I'm ready now to go all in.  Fuck being politically correct. Fuck not giving my opinion. Fuck worrying about hurting any one's feelings.  Be careful now when reading my next blog (or life's lesson as I like to call it) as the sexual, emotional, hypocrisy, cynicism is just beginning.

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