Saturday, November 3, 2012

Political Boobs

A future politician ?
 There are Boobs and there are Boobs. Political Boobs we deal with on a daily basis, but for the next couple of days we will see and hear as well as be exposed to many more than we ever thought possible.  I know that I am tired of hearing friends and family tell me their affiliation and how right they are and how stupid I am for being so conservative. I am not really so conservative, but I have a mind of my own and that really gets some people pissed off. Lets face it....There is some good in everyone and leading a country like the USA is really no different than leading any other country. There will be people that like every decision made and there will be people that hate every decision made.
With that being said, let me give you my opinion of NY Mayor Bloomberg.  I have always liked him and thought he was doing a great job for NY. After all, I grew up there, and although I have been in Florida for about ten years now, I consider myself and will always consider myself a New Yorker first.  But what the fuck was he thinking about running the NYC Marathon tomorrow ?  Did he lose his marbles ?  Parts of the city were underwater as well as in third world country conditions. Millions of people were without electricity.  Lots of people who were lucky enough to get a hotel in the city were relieved.  It was at that point when one or two hotels were demanding these now homeless New Yorkers  leave the hotel, so that out of towners from everywhere could have their rooms that were in fact reserved for them.
Normally, that would have been the right thing for the hotel managers to do. However, this was no ordinary situation and finally other hotel had the balls to say "Fuck You" to people with reservations stating they were not going to evict these New Yorkers....I think these hotels should get awards from the city. Sure I feel bad for people with reservations and people who traveled to NY especially for the Marathon, but shit.......this was different.
Well, late yesterday the Mayor finally grew a set and decided to cancel the NYC Marathon. All the generators and other equipment was then diverted to the areas in need.  So, Mr. Mayor, somehow, someway, I have taken you off my Boob list.  However, this decision should have been made sooner.
Another Boob of the week goes to the city officials in the area of Orange County California.  They managed to shut down part of the busy freeway system in order to film part of Hangover 3.  Shit, whoever made that decision made two dumb ones, not just one....At least shut it down for the filming of a good movie.....
The above picture is only there to see if you are still paying attention ?  Halloween just passed and it happened to have been right in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and it's devastation in NY......So why did some of the big entertainment stars see fit to hold Bette Midler's big yearly posh party at the Waldorf Astoria ? Again, there was power off and devastation in many parts of the city, but they paid no attention to it.....Hey Assholes............use some of that fucking money to good use.
After reading what I just wrote, maybe I am not so conservative after all ?  I personally have my own problems due to the storm.  My condominium lost all it's dunes and the ocean is just about up to our building foundation. There was and still is talk about evacuation.  And naturally all of this could have been avoided a year ago if some of the asshole politicians didn't vote down a breakwater project which would have prevented all of this.  Now it is going to cost the county, city, state, and federal government much more money and that will be for a temporary fix anyway.
     So now you know my feeling regarding Political Boobs. You already know my feeling for most politicians, so this is a bonus..........And in phone just rang with a recorded announcement from some boob I don't know asking for my vote on Tuesday...Just Saying.
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