Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Screwed

Getting Screwed
I don't know about you and especially how you feel about getting screwed ? I do, however, know how I feel and don't really like it.  Sometimes getting screwed can be a wonderful experience, but getting screwed by the same person for almost 14 years on a daily basis is not so good. In fact, looking back now really makes me sick.  It has also cost me more than $20,000 over those years for the pleasure of getting screwed. Enough is Enough.
Not Getting Screwed
This picture is surely not what I am talking about. As a matter of fact, I can almost guarantee that many of my fabulous readers have been getting screwed just like me.   Well, this one is for you.....
Getting Screwed
Fuck You Verizon Wireless.  Several weeks ago I wrote about Verizon and their unlimited data plan that is no longer unlimited.  Actually, I think AT&T is in the same boat.  Well, I was really pissed when I learned this and fortunately my 2 year contract was also up.  Of course being the loyal customer that I had been for these past 14 years, I got really pissed when I heard that my unlimited data plan does not exist for me. Naturally I thought it was only for new customers.  So what if those motherfuckers decided to do what they want at any time they want to do it, and to me ????
sort of Getting Screwed
I checked every single plan from them (Verizon) and still felt very violated and fucked from each and every direction.  It was at that point that I decided to take action. Surely I thought there must be some other carrier out there equally as good.  As a matter of fact, I had a Verizon extender in my condo because the poor reception anywhere inside really sucked. But if I went out on my balcony (overlooking the ocean), it was fine. Go figure that ?  This extender is designed to increase the signal and cost about $200.  OK. So I did some homework and checking around.
My best friend had recently changed his service to boost mobile and has been very happy with it.  I thought that might be the way to go, until I decided that I wanted the Samsung Galaxy S3, which they do not have...They do, however, have the S2 but of course I did not want a phone that was one year old....Another problem......What to do. ?????
Not Getting Screwed
I read the MetroPSC was getting the S3.  Sounded like a great thing. Now I only had a few other minor things to put into place......#1  would I get service in my condo ?     #2 would I get unlimited data ?   #3 would the S3 be available soon ?    And I am sure a million other questions.  After all, it takes me longer to decide on a phone than it does for a new car.
Not Getting Screwed
Well, it actually happened.  I went to my local MetroPCS dealer and won't give you their address as I don't know if they would let me.....however it is on PGA and Prosperity in Palm Beach Gardens. There are two wonderful guys there David and Fred who know everything about phones.  It is not a fancy store, but they carry everything and certainly are more knowledgeable  then any Verizon idiot I have ever dealt with.  I checked out the reception with another PCS phone in my condo, and guess what ??????  I got perfect reception and that was without Verizon's fucking extender and with a cheap $40.00 phone.
A day later Fred called me to let me know he ordered my S3 and I would have it the very next day. Guess what ?  It was there the very next day.  I was one happy camper going to pick up my new phone.  I have the phone exactly one week now and take another guess ?  I still love it. It is the best smart phone I ever had. The reception is wonderful.  But there are some other issues..........I bet you can't wait to hear this...............................Everything is name it....The only thing it doesn't do is provide sex for me.......Speaking of that, it is also $100 per month less than fucking Verizon........I guess you could always pay for sex monthly with that saving.
Getting Screwed by Verizon
So the finger is all for you Verizon.......I am saving money, having great service, have the phone of my choice, and have made a couple of new friends at MetroPCS.....What more can one ask for ?
Enjoying Getting Screwed
Now this is the only type of screwed I will be thinking and talking about.  But wait..........I just received my final bill from Verizon. (I do all my banking online). I tried to gain access to my Verizon account to view the bill so that I can pay it immediately..Wouldn't you know that I am unable to get into my old account . I certainly can understand that as the account is now cancelled. I called Verizon and spoke to a customer service idiot who told me she can go over the bill with me on the phone, or send me another hard copy for $5.00.  I politely told her that I have never gotten a hard copy because I do everything on line.  I simply asked her to email me a copy and I would pay the bill once I checked it...She immediately told me that could not be done, but she can send me a hard copy for a $5.00 fee.  After I told her the second time that I have no intention of paying the fee and to do whatever the fuck she wants.  I also asked to speak to a supervisor, but 2 days later I am still waiting.......So once again I say to you Verizon............$^)#*))*$#$#@@@%&

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