Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boobs have Returned

Made Where ?  In China........of course it is.  It's made in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, Brazil, and a shitload of other countries around the world.  Now what are we talking about ?

      Why are these dumb fucking lawmakers in Congress so out to get Ralph Lauren ?  Who really gives a shit where anything is made today ?  All that really counts is the final product and if the company producing it is making money.  And why are all the lawmakers bitching about this Democrats ?     Why, Why, Why ?
        The Olympics are the Olympics and there are representatives from most countries. Why single out where any of this shit is made ?  I know about the apparel business as I was in it my entire career.  In fact, I was in the Men's Neckwear business to be precise.  When I started my own company in the late 70's, almost all of the men's production of everything was Made in the USA.....I was in business for less than 2 years when I decided to stop making my production in America and moved everything to Italy.  Why.....?????  because of the stupid fucking unions that made it impossible to do anything.  There were so many problems with the union, that I just got on a plane one day and said that is it...Fuck you America and your unions as well.  For the next 20 years I made everything in Italy, had a distribution center only in NY, paid everyone way over union scale, and enjoyed the fruits of a wonderful business.
         Then Italy became too expensive and my competition began making merchandise in Korea, China, and other Far Eastern countries where labor was cheaper.....Lets face it.....That is the American Way.
         So now that I have gotten off the subject lets jump right back in...Mr. Lawmakers, Mr Newspapers, and Mr. and Mrs. Know it all's that are picking on Ralph Lauren......Shut the Fuck Up.....Look at the suit your wearing, or the dress, or the jeans, or the cell phone you are talking from, or the TV you watch at night, or your entertainment center, your computer, your watch, your eyeglasses, your appliances in your home, your quality automobiles, your medications......OK....I guess you get the point.....America is a wonderful country, but lets get the facts correct and know that manufacturing is under 10% Made in America for most of the above categories.

So if any of you genius's that are upset about this uniform nonsense being made somewhere else....................................well that is your problem.......OK...I am calm now.....Maybe we need to figure out as a country WHY manufacturing has left us ?   I guess Quality and Price are good enough reasons......

And guess where this CRaPUSA Baseball Cap is Made ???????????????  Yup China  (and it is OK if you would like to purchase one. Just click on link )

CRaPUSA (Cynical Ridiculous and Pathetic)

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