Friday, December 22, 2017

Reviews are Bullshit

Want to give us a Good Review?

Then just go to Yelp and Review us favorably
and we'll give you
50% off any car wash service!*
*Excludes Hand Washes, Express Detail Services and Full Detail Services.


The above clearly represents what I am talking about. This is merely one of a bunch of ads I found locally that certainly represents a portion of reviews you are reading.  Most people are so fucking stupid, they will believe anything they read.
I have friends that live and die with reviews.  They won't go anywhere without reading a review first. They will read them, discuss them, and flaunt them at you before going to a restaurant or any other place.  They firmly are convinced that everything printed there is gospel .......WTF.
Don't people know that establishments reward people for good reviews ? Don't people also know that establishments have their friends, relatives, and phonies also writing favorable reviews for these companies ? Recently, while having my car serviced, the service manager asked me to please write a favorable review about their service when I receive a questionnaire from the parent company.  He offered me a free oil change the next time I came in to do this little thing for him.
Amazon might very well be one of the only companies not participating in policies like I have mentioned.  I'm probably wrong, but would really like to think there are some honest people left in this world.
There are reviews everywhere and in every conceivable industry.  The sex industry is no different.  There is a huge company that offers reviews on escorts in all cities. (there are several, but this is the biggest). The erotic review charges by the month or year to be able to read all these reviews, however, they offer a free month if you send in a review that is used.  Ummmmm.  

Sure !!!!!! No one is making up stories to get this free month..Ha ha...Lets face it.......we are fucked..... how fitting ?

It doesn't matter.  Look anywhere at any review on anything your little heart desires.  You will soon realize after reading this, the cold , hard, real facts....Bullshit prevails.

So, a little tip from me.  Next time you look at a review written by someone about some restaurant, place, product, hotel, car service, delivery service, electronic product, smart phone...........blah get the idea......Bullshit makes the world go around.....And what if that review was written by me ?   Now for sure you will never read or believe another review again....(BTW...please review this blog and write only favorable reviews about it, in order for me to continue to entertain you.......See ? )

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