Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Strip Clubs and More

Yuk...Yuk....Uk.......What is the problem with Strip Clubs ? Strip Clubs are great and attract a wonderful class of people. OK, maybe not always....but.......they are great.
How does this differ from Wrestle mania ? What is worse ?  Crooked Politicians ?  Rapist ? Child Offenders ? Thieves ? Murders ?  Gun Violence ? Illegal Immigration ? Drug Abuse ? Terrible Storms ?     Oh wait....I was simply going through some of the headlines in today's local newspaper.

Live and let live.....Oh, how is this any different than the newest trend in trendy Wall Street in NY ? And that being Sexy shoe babes cleaning your shoes or boots.  For a few extra bucks you can get your leather polished at a Financial District shop staffed by hot female workers clad in skimpy shorts and tank tops. I don't understand why they haven't done this at Strip Clubs already ? It certainly make sense and probably will be as popular as a lap dance.
It's only $7.00 per shine plus tip, of course.  Shit....A good strip club costs less... I am not sure what the point of all this is, but surely I must be going somewhere with this.
Aughh.........Charlie Brown....actually Peanuts voice actor pleaded guilty to stalking and threatening to kill two women...He might get three years in prison.....WTF......Are all voice characters this fucked up, or is this just the beginning of bigger things to come ?  He should have simply gone to a strip club to chill out.

And finally a thing for all you wonderful women reading CRaPUSA. Women who wear bras will have saggier boobs than those who don't, says new research.....Wow....What a great thing for Women and especially for us guys.........God Bless America....  Oh shit....This was a French Scientist who did this research for the past 15 years.. I wonder how much information he got from strip clubs ?
     I'm done.
          (and what is worse, is the fact I wrote this in April of 2013)

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